My College Entrance Essay

I was going through my computer and reading some things I had written in the past when I came across the essay I wrote to accompany my application to the University of Oregon. Being as this is the only school I ever applied to and I was actually accepted with only a 3.25 high school GPA that was right at the acceptance level, I guess this may have been what influenced them to accept me. Whatever their decision was, looking back on this brings me a nice little chuckle.

The prompt for the essay was something to the effect of “The University of Oregon’s motto is Mens Agitat Molem which means Minds Move Mountains. How will you use this to guide your education?” or something like that….


My goal is not to relocate Mount Everest. It is simply to move the mountain that I like to call ‘Myself’. The main obstruction of this goal however, is a lack of a focused area of study. However, despite the fact that I know I want to study accounting, marketing, or entrepreneurship, after receiving my education through the University of Oregon, I anticipate that I will have moved my mountain forward.

In my senior year, more than ever before, I have found that it is particularly hard to make important life decisions. The next four years of life seem to be a complete mystery, yet I understand that a four year degree can open options as decisions come along.

Eugene is the place I feel I want to be to decipher my future. At present, the options I have had to study, and grow personally, have been limited. In order to succeed, I need to be around individuals who can challenge my ideas, yet help me to fine tune them.

This is where “Minds Move Mountains” comes into my plan. Without being able to surround myself with other ideals and mannerisms that differ from the ones I have been around my entire life, I cannot possibly establish my own directions.

I believe that exploring many different subjects at the University of Oregon will enable me to develop a love for one area of study. At the same time, experiencing life outside of my hometown will give me another perspective not only in what ever field I will go into, but how and where I want to live in the years that follow.

Essentially, I want to make a difference in the lives of the people who I want to live for: my future children. Looking back at all of the steps my parents have gone through in order for me to be where I am today, it shows me that the most important thing in life is not how much status you have, so much as the sacrifice we make for our children. I plan on making the most of my education through the University of Oregon and using it in the world to support my family. No matter how much sweat, tears, or blood may come out of it, in the end it will all be worth it if I can keep my family happy, and growing to ‘move mountains’ on their own.

Looking back and reflecting on this short essay now, I have to say I am proud of my 17 year-old-self for wanting to expose myself to new and challenging ideas from outside of my circle of family and friends, as well as my local community. Today’s liberal culture seems to be creating “safe spaces” in colleges and wants to keep out dissenting opinions, but that goes directly in the face of one of the main tenets of liberal ideology which is freedom of speech.

On the part where I thought I might be able to focus on one area of study….that was quite a bit naive. After being accepted to the University of Oregon I did end up focusing on one subject in Accounting, but I learned so much more about the world and life through other courses than I ever could have imagined.

I studied political science, philosophy, religion, geology, geography, oceanography, drug treatment and criminology, wilderness survival and outdoor photography, Japanese, Farsi, Chinese film, among other subjects. In fact, in addition to my Accounting degree with a minor in Economics, I am only a few courses away from an additional minor in Geology as well as another in Political Science. Thankfully, the University of Oregon will allow me to go back and complete those minors later when I have the time (and funds) to.


America Can Do Better than Clinton or Trump

We are exactly one week away from Election Day.

I feel bad for young people who are voting for the first time in the 2016 election though. When I first voted in 2008, Obama was running for his first term. The man was a breath of fresh air. He was not a warhawk or Democratic Party icon like Hillary Clinton; he had a great energy about him. He was not a hardened war-veteran or maverick like John McCain; he was an empathetic, cool, calculated man who believed in working together to solve our nation’s biggest problems.

This year, however, the Presidential election choices are nowhere near as respectable as in 2008. The Democrat and Republican candidates are both a damn joke. They quibble like five year-olds on the debate stage instead of talking about actual issues on the national airwaves, and they are both untrustworthy to boot. Is this the best you have to offer us America?

On the Right hand, you have Republicans propping up the orange-tinted, bigoted, misogynistic, 5-time bankrupt businessman and arsehole Donald Trump; on the Left hand, you have Democrats propping up the conniving, shady, morally and ethically bankrupt career flip-flopper Hillary Clinton.

I won’t be voting for either of these two asshats, and you cannot tell me that it is my fault by voting for a third party that either of your candidates loses. It is not my fault that your parties chose such shitty candidates and that I don’t feel comfortable voting for either of them.

This election is the grandest satire ever played upon the American people by the political elites.

Democrats complain that Russia is tampering with the election while turning a blind eye to the elections and regimes Hillary Clinton has tampered with in the past. Even if it were Russia leaking the Clinton emails, how is it Russia’s fault that the emails exist? It shows the true nature of Hillary Clinton and the people she surrounds herself with that they turn a blind eye to corrupt practices if it is Democrat insiders who are benefitting.

Wikileaks has become a tool Republicans are praising because of their vendetta on Hillary Clinton when they made the website out to be the devil reincarnated in only the recent past. Just before Wikileaks released anything about Clinton, Republicans were attacking the website for releasing information they claimed had put US lives in danger. Republicans are a significant part of the reason why Chelsea Manning is in military prison, Edward Snowden is in asylum in Russia, and Julian Assange is in hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in England. That they now cling to the Wikileaks emails makes me laugh.

Both parties had better spend the next two years building up a new candidate to run in 2020 because Clinton will lose against any Republican that is not a racist and bigoted prick, and a bigoted racist prick will lose against any Democratic candidate.

Hillary could make history as the first woman president, and she could also make history as the first female president to lose a re-election bid. Her ego needs the presidency and she is lucky that it only came down to fighting against Trump this time or she may never have realized that dream for herself assuming she wins. Since her ego will be fed by victory and making history, why doesn’t she do what she can in four years and then retire? She knows that she will be facing an uphill battle again if she needs to run as the incumbent in 2020, so why should she waste the last year and a half to two years of her presidency campaigning when she could pass the baton to someone who is not disliked by over half the nation?

All it will honestly take for the Republicans to win is running a fiscal conservative that leans towards liberal social values to beat her in 2020. That’s what Hillary is already, which explains why some Republicans are able to vote for her even though they know they’ve spent their lives vilifying her. The Republicans will just need to point out the racists and bigots who lost them 2016 election and chastise them for what they are. If Republicans have an epiphany and suddenly supported marriage equality, higher minimum wage, and believed in separation of church and state they would crush Hillary when she runs as an incumbent.

You might be wondering why I dislike Hillary Clinton so much, and I will tell you a few things off the top of my head:

  • Voted for the Iraq war which led to Iraq becoming a failed state
  • Honduras fiasco which led to human and ecological rights activists being murdered
  • Instrumental in failed Libyan regime-change which led to Libya becoming a failed state
  • Supports a Syrian no-fly zone that will lead to civilian deaths and possible war/failed state
  • Cozy to wall street who has paid her mightily
  • Collusion with the DNC against Bernie Sanders
  • Arms deals increases to Clinton foundation donors
  • Only supports certain positions when they are politically expedient or needs votes
    • Gay marriage, higher minimum wage, BLM, anti-TPP but still pro-TPP
  • Has a public position and a private position, also known as being two-faced

Donald Trump could make history as the first Cheeto president, and just to be fair to all you Clinton supporters, I’ll make a list of what I dislike about him as well:

  • Has promoted sexual assault whether or not it was privately or for show
  • He is a misogynist, a racist, and a bigot, among other things
  • Terrible businessman
  • Tax evader and welfare queen

I won’t be voting for either of your shitty candidates Democrats and Republicans. I will be voting Gary Johnson for President, Kamala Harris for California Senate, and on many other issues, but I will not vote for either of your terrible candidates.

I will also not sit idly by for four years if Hillary is elected and accept her presidency without criticism. She is disliked for a good reason, and she is nearly losing to a life-sized cheddar cheese mold because she is a shitty candidate, as is Donald Trump. You can do better America, so do better in 2020 and give us less shitty candidates.